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Why I Have Got Xpulse 200?

If your passion has a condition then it is not your passion.

Often I hear from many, we cannot do a Leh Ladakh Trip as we do not have the right bike. We cannot go for long rides because we do not have the right bike. Which is the right bike? A rider who loves riding a motorcycle will ride any motorcycle.

I had learnt to ride a motorcycle on Hero Passion a long ago. Motorcycles I owned in past: Yamaha gladiator, Bajaj Discover 125, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 220, Duke 200, Duke 390, Z800 and now I have Hero Xpulse 200.

To find out the answer for “Which is the right bike?” It is important to find out what genre of biking you are passionate about. Once you are absolutely clear on this, you find your right bike.

If a rider loves to ride on a race track then an adventure motorcycle won’t be the right match. Similarly, for a rider who loves to explore places, a supersport motorcycle won’t be his/her right bike.

My genre of biking is going places, explore places. Taking myself to a place where I have never been makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. So for me, the right motorcycles are BMW 1250 GS, Triumph Tiger, Honda Africa Twin, Kawasaki Versys, Suzuki V-Strom, KTM 390 Adventure, Royal Enfield Himalayan, Hero Xpulse and all other adventure motorcycles. I am fascinated by this category of motorcycles.

Now coming to the point, why I have got the Xpulse?

Below are the 6 reasons I have got Hero Xpulse 200.

1. Love for adventure motorcycle.

I love adventure motorcycles.  I love exploring hidden places. So, I was in need of a motorcycle which I can take anywhere without any tension and a motorcycle which will be very easy on the pocket. A motorcycle that can cruise at 80 to 100/110 kmph.

Decent capacity fuel tank, high ground clearance, long suspension travel, spoked wheels, upright riding position, etc are the general characteristics of adventure motorcycles that we look for. Hero Xpulse has it all. Basically, Xpulse ticked all the boxes for me here.

2. Budget.

This is the most important part for most of us. I had a budget of 1.2 to 1.3 lakhs for a motorcycle and there was nothing else in the market that did match my requirement other than Xpulse within my budget. I know there are better adv motorcycles on the list but I can buy what I can afford for now.

3. Become a better off-road rider.

This is one of the other important reasons I wanted a simple yet decent enough to go anywhere motorcycle. With Xpulse I can often join the training program at BigRock Dirt Park where I can get trained and become a better rider. If you don’t know about BigRock yet, Big Rock Dirt Park is an adventure motorcycle riding academy, operated by CS Santosh, a famed off-road and enduro motorcycle racer from Karnataka. It’s located in the Kolar district of Karnataka. 85 km from Bangalore. Rest you can learn here.

With a rally kit, the Xpulse becomes an even more serious off-road machine for learners.

At BigRock Dirt Park for the training.
At BigRock Dirt Park for the training.
At BigRock Dirt Park for the training.

4. Reliability.

The reliability of Hero motorcycles is proven in the Indian market for decades together. Started my motorcycle journey with Hero Passion and Hero Karizma was my dream bike back then. Had seen so many passionate motorcycle travelers doing all India road trips on Hero Karizma. Many friends had ridden more than a lakh km on Hero Karizma.

Heard about Bharadwaj Dayala? He is the first Indian to complete a solo tour around the world on Hero Karizma Motorcycle. Google his name to know more.

So the brand, Hero is known for its reliability. An Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer who has given the entry-level adventure motorcycle like Impulse and Xpulse. No other manufacturer did.

Bharadwaj Dayala. The World Rider. Photo from Wikipedia.

5. Service Network

The widespread network of Hero throughout the county ensures a peace of mind when you go for touring on Hero motorcycles. Research shows, there are approximately 900 Hero bike dealers operating in India as of 2021. Spread across 32 states and 485 cities. So availability of the parts and accessories are never an issue with Hero. Even a general country side mechanic can work on Hero motorcycle without any hassle.

6. Easy on Pocket

Hero is known for low-cost maintenance. As of today, I have ridden the Xpulse for nearly about twelve thousand km. Four services are done and none of the services cost me more than a thousand rupees. Xpulse is definitely an easy-to-maintain value for money motorcycle.

So above are my reasons to buy The Hero Xpulse 200. Overall I am a happy owner of Xpulse and I will recommend this bike to all who love adventure riding and looking for a bike within 1.5 lakh budget.


Hope this article will help bikers who are planning to buy Xpulse. If you have any queries, comment below. Bangalore Bikers is here to help you.

Ride Safe, Ride Long! 


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