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About BB

“The feeling when you ride a motorcycle is like no other feeling. You feel free from the world, you feel unstoppable, riding is a passion, it’s a joy, it’s a stress reliever, and it’s a way of life”. Bangalore Bikers is our way of life.

Bangalore Bikers is a passionate motorcycle traveler’s community based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. BB was officially formed back in 2008, 19th Sept by a passionate biker and photographer, N. I. John.

Bangalore Bikers is a community platform where like-minded people can join the forum free of cost, share their passion for biking and learn from each other. The motto of the BB community is to connect passionate riders, transform a rider into a safe rider, explore India together on two wheels and promote safe biking. Till today BB has connected more than 20 thousand people through the BB forum.

Anyone with any bike is most welcome to join the BB family. There is no discrimination based on gender or cubic capacity in Bangalore Bikers.

BB doesn’t compromise on safety and always ensures that members of BB wear full safety gear and ride sensibly with the well-organized group as well as follow the safe riding etiquette.

When a rider joins the BB forum, he/she first needs to complete the Welcome Ride. Through the welcome ride, BB teaches about safety gears, sensible riding and how to ride in a group. Only for the first ride, members are allowed to join with their basic clothes. But after completing their first ride, a member must wear a full set of safety gears to join Bangalore Bikers rides.

A motorcycle must have rearview mirrors. Without RVM no bike is allowed to join BB rides.

Must Wear Gear

The gear need not be expensive or top-notch brand. Affordable gear is available in the market. You also can rent safety gear.


Members of BB must wear a full-face helmet to join BB rides.


A riding jacket with armours is a must to join BB rides.


Fingers-covered gloves are a must. Do not use finger-cut gloves.


A riding pant or knee guard is a must to ensure safety.


A riding boot is strongly recommended. At least wear a tough shoe.

BB Domains

Bangalore Bikers has 3 domains.

Domain 1:
Domain 2: and
Domain 3: is the primary domain for BB. All other domains redirect to

Basically, you do not need to break your head on this. Pick whatever you like and you will be landed on the main BB website.

To join the BB forum, just click on “Join BB Forum” and sign up. Once we approve your membership, you will receive an email.

BB Logo

Bangalore Bikers Logo has two parts. Rider holding a helmet and pointing finger towards the helmet is an artistic way to convey the safety message, “Always Wear A Helmet and Ride Safe”.

The second part of the logo where you can see rough patches on “” text, that indicates BB rides on all terrain. Good road, bad road, and no road. Most of the time in BB rides there will be some off-road involved as we believe, Off-Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Hidden Destinations.  

Featured in Newspaper

The Hindu

BB was featured first time in The Hindu Newspaper on 23rd May 2011. 

Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald featured Bangalore Bikers on 18th July 2016. The national newspaper helped us to spread about safe biking.

The Hindu

Bangalore Bikers was featured in The Hindu Newspaper once again on 2nd Aug 2016.

The Hindu

BB was repeatedly featured in The Hindu Newspaper. 22nd Aug 2018, The Hindu featured BB once again.

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