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What kind of a biker are you
N. I. John
N. I. John

What kind of a biker are you? Let’s find out

Before you become a biker, become a good human being.

So we love motorcycles and we love riding. Let’s understand the motorcycling scene around us.

There are six categories in biking activity as per my observation.

1. Long Distance Riding.

Riders in this category prefer long-distance riding only. 2 or 3 days road trip does not excite them much. They do not prefer breakfast rides. Very rare they go for such a quick breakfast ride. Often they are on a trip exploring the country.

Solo Rider: They prefer to go for a solo rides only. Group riding is not their thing. They explore the country all alone. Occasionally they go for a long ride with other riders only if they know how the co-riders ride.

Group Rider: They prefer to enjoy long-distance road trips with groups. Riders in a group riding together in a formation make them feel happy and confident.

Vijay Sah with his Tiger
BBians at Gokarna during 8th Anniversary Ride

2. Short Distance Riding.

They prefer to go for a quick short ride for breakfast. Where they can come back by the first half and relax. Solo or Group does not matter. Group riding for them is like If you can keep up, ride together else see you at the breakfast point. They ride almost every weekend. Even a 1000 km ride they prefer to finish in a single day. Occasionally they go for an overnight stay trip. Usually, riders in this category often own superbikes.

3. Riding on the race track and dirt track.

Often you will find them on a race track or dirt track. They prefer to keep learning the art of riding. Riding on a race track is not everybody’s game. A rider must train himself/herself to become a better rider on the race track. Their love for curves is noticeable. Corners excite them a lot and they prefer to do knee-down. Riders in this category are most calm-headed on the public road. Riding fast or racing with others they prefer only on the race track. They do not get intimidated by the squid rider.

Dirt track riders are the most skilled ones as they know to control their motorcycle better than many others. Off-road excite them a lot. They go places where a regular rider will not even think to ride.
When riders of this category go for long rides, they enjoy the most. During a road trip, you get good road with curves and you get off-road or dirt trail, riders enjoy both here.

Race track or dirt track riders don’t care much about the destination. For them, the riding terrain is most important.

Rider: Deepak Raj on Daytona | Photo by Aditya Bedre
Rider: Deepak Raj on Daytona | Photo by Aditya Bedre
BB Members getting trained at BigRock DirtPark
BB Members getting trained at BigRock DirtPark

4. Riding in the city.

They ride so much inside the city that they often clock more km than many other long-distance riders.

5. All Type of riding.

In this category a rider does everything. Short ride, long rides, city ride, race track, dirt track everything. Superbikes or normal bikes, nothing matters to them. They just ride.

6. Stunt Riding.

They are the most skilled and can play with a motorcycle like a toy. They risk their lives to master the art. I find it the most dangerous category among all. Due to those squid stunt riders often riders of this category get the bad name.

The stunt is an art. Perform it under a controlled environment with a full set of safety gear. Please do not stunt on the public road.

And there is another type of bikers who think whatever they do is what biking all about. Others are idiots. They often judge and make fun of others. A question to them…

What is your problem?

  • If a biker buys the most expensive bike in the world and does not ride much?
  • If the biker buys a thousand CC bikes but rides like a hundred CC?
  • If a biker goes to Cafe Coffee Day 52 weeks in a year? And doesn’t go for long rides?
  • If a biker goes for a one-day trip and loads the bike like ready for the world tour?
  • If the biker buys the top adventure motorcycle and takes a U-turn where the tar road ends?
  • If the biker counts days and posts on FB/Insta like, “Day 1 at Chandapura” and “Day 2 at Majestic” when he/she is on a tour?
  • If the biker burns more petrol on a race track riding laps after laps? Or the biker burns petrol for long rides and does not prefer to ride on a close circuit?
  • If a biker keeps counting on the total km he/she rode and shows on social media that he/she rides more than anyone else?
  • If a rider spends more time on the keyboard than riding?
  • If a rider prefers to convert his other branded bike to a BMW one?
  • If an Indian rider does not explore India but prefers to do only International trips?

Well, you and I shouldn’t be having any problem. It does not necessarily have to make sense to you and me for other biker’s activities. You and I are nobody to decide what others need to do. End of the day you/me/he/she does things that make us happy.

Keep calm and keep riding.


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Aijaz ur Rehman
Aijaz ur Rehman
2 years ago

Hi.Solo riding pretty much sums up my rides, thus far, though am not averse to company.
But, whatever happened to button tires? I understand gum tyres don’t work so well in snow and (cold) rain. Is the latter true?