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N. I. John

Tips For The Monsoon Rain Ride

Patience is the key which keeps a rider safe on the road.

Monsoon has come and it’s time for us to remind ourselves about how to ride in the rain and keep ourselves safe. In this article I will mention some of the tips from my experience about riding in the monsoon which will help many riders to prepare themselves for the ride.

Though a traveler love to travel in any season but monsoon is usually the most awaited and favorite season for all to travel. We, motorcycle travelers feel monsoon exactly the way Bob Marley described in his quote.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Heading out for a motorcycle ride means enjoying the adventure of all that will come your way, including changing weather conditions and rain. Knowing how to ride your motorcycle in the rain will let you continue your ride safely and arrive at your final destination without incident.

During any motorcycle ride no matter the time of year or season, you will always need to be prepared. The activity of riding a motorcycle, being a motorcyclist, means the ability to adapt to the ever-changing road conditions and weather.  Most riders never ride in the rain. But you can make it less distasteful by being prepared both physically and mentally by simply understanding a few practical methods to ride safely.

Paying attention to the below-mentioned points will make your monsoon ride safer, memorable and pleasant.

Be Prepared

Be well prepared for the monsoon ride will make your rides more enjoyable. You may start your ride on a Sunny day but after a while, the weather may change at any moment. So, be ready for the rain whenever you head out in the monsoon. Carry your rain gear and enough plastic cover to protect your gadgets and other valuables from water.

You can find good quality rain gear for yourself, your gadgets and your luggage at Decathlon.

After reaching the destination often we may have to dry up our necessary belongings. Carrying a mini hair dryer becomes very handy in this situation.

Visor Visibility

This is one of the biggest challenges for riders. Especially for them who wear specs. Your visibility is the first thing to diminish when you ride in the rain. Avoid using tinted visors during rainy rides. A clear visor offers a clear view which is important. Fogging up inside the helmet is a common issue during rain rides. The best solution would be pinlock insert. Most of the decent level helmet has pinlock option these days. You also can use the anti-fogging mask. Whenever you take a break, clean your visor. Keeping a microfiber cloth is always handy in this case. Your ability to see will make all the difference on your ride.

Cut down Speed

During a rain ride, you must cut down your speed. Be gentle on the throttle will help you to be in control. You will need to use your controls ever more smoothly when accelerating, making gear changes (shifting up or down) and braking. In wet conditions, this is more important as the road surface is slippery, no matter how much grip you think you have.

Be Seen

It’s important to remember that inclement weather will make it harder for other drivers to see you as well. Make sure you have reflective or bright material on your jacket, pants, and bike.

Be sure that your lights are working and on before you set out on a ride in the rain. Your visibility and your visibility to others should be a top priority any time your ride, regardless of the weather.

Don’t Trust Puddles

That fun-looking mini-pond of splashable joy could be hiding a foot-deep pothole, or who knows what else. If you can’t avoid riding through a puddle, hold the throttle steady, keep the bike upright, and don’t touch the brakes.

Sachith Rai on Z800

Don’t Overtake, Be Patient

Particularly when you are riding on the ghat road, be very careful when overtaking. We often experienced that, riders get stuck behind the bus/track and if it continues for a couple of minutes we lose our patience. Overtaking without seeing the proper gap would be a foolish act and you will put yourself in danger.

On the ghat road when you overtake, usually you will raise your throttle and immediately at the curve you may find yourself uncomfortable with the overtaking speed that you carried, you will apply the brake to gain control and that may cause you a fall. At the beginning of this article, I said, “Patience is the key which keeps a rider safe”. So be patient.

Pull overtake only when you see enough straight gap ahead. Never ever overtake at the corner. Always be on your left and also be ready for opposite vehicles coming on your lane. 

Stand up and Ride

In heavy rain, water will often pool in your lap, and if left too long, it may seep past the zipper. It’s not a bad idea to stand up on the pegs now and then, to clear the rain from your lap.

Pramod Rao on Hero Impulse

Maintain More Distance

Whether you are riding in a group or riding solo, maintain enough distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Normally if you maintain three bikes distance, during rain ride make it double.

Rainbows Are Not Your Friend

Those magical, colorful swirls are just slippery oil pools of death. Do not aim for the rainbows. They tend to be worst at intersections, where vehicles sit for a while and leak oily puddles, so be extra careful when you’re stopping at or crossing through intersections.

Railway Crossings

These are extremely slick during rain, and railway tracks deserve their own focus. When approaching wet railway tracks while riding motorcycles in the rain, take them on as close to perpendicular as safely possible, as it is less likely the tires will slide on the steel.

Ride, Ride and Ride

Last but not least, go out and ride. You cannot improve your riding by reading articles. Let knowledge and skill come the natural way. Ride everywhere, on every terrain in every season. Make yourself familiar with any given situation. That’s the only way, my friend.

Hope this article helps you to know some basic of riding etiquette in the rain. If you have any queries, just comment below. Bangalore Bikers is here to help bikers out there.


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Amit Gayal
Amit Gayal
2 years ago

That’s very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Chetan D M
Chetan D M
1 year ago

Looking for used Triumph Tiger 800 please let me know if any one from your group is selling it.

Ping me on 8553216526

Inu Khan
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful writeup…