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Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple Ride by Bangalore Bikers
N. I. John
N. I. John

Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple near Kanakpura, 80 km from Bangalore. Must visit place

Go where you feel most alive.

I feel more alive when I go out to explore new places. I feel more alive when I find a hidden place which is less known. I feel more alive when a place gives me breathtaking Mountain View.

Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple is one such place where I found myself more alive when I explored the place with my biker buddies of Bangalore Bikers. Just 80 km away from Bangalore and 28 km from Kanakpura, this small hill definitely can take your stress away and make your day feel worthy.

BB members who joined me

Monsoon is coming. The best season for travellers to enjoy the nature. You being a biker/traveller, you cannot miss this place. Road condition is very good. You can visit this place by bike and car both. Bangalore to Kanakpura road work is in progress due to that you may not enjoy riding/driving there, but after Kanakpura towards Anchetty, the route is too good. Scenic single lane road with good amount of curves. That route is my all time favourite. In BB, we named this route as “BB Circuit” because very often members of BB used to take that route. Bangalore – Kanakpura – Anchetty – Denkanikottai – Hosur – Bangalore. Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple comes between Kanakpura and Anchetty.

The view from Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple

Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple is also known as Ramadevarabetta but on google map you do not find the exact place by Ramadevarabetta name.

Till the top of the hill, you can take your bike and car. A proper parking area is available. There is a small pond as well. Some of our friends even took bath there. Monkeys will be around. Do not leave any valuables on the bike. From the parking area, you need to trek for about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the main hill top where the temple is located. But the view from this parking area itself will blow your mind. The small pond is ice on the cake. Photographers can go creative there.

View from the parking area

The path to trek till the hill top is very beautiful. It’s better to have companion when you go there. This place is still not known by many hence you won’t find crowd there. There is no shop to buy snacks/water. Better to pick them from Kanakpura itself.

The best time to visit this place would be early morning. By the Sunrise time if you can reach there, you will enjoy the 360 degree view a lot.

Parking area
Concrete road till the parking area
Scenic route
Scenic route

How to reach Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple?

It is very easy to find Sri Chaturbhuja Rama temple on google map. Jus type the same name and you will find it. I have added the map below.

There is a small trick though. To make it easier I have marked it on the below image.

When you search by Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple on google map, it will take you to spot B. You may get a bit confused to find the route to go up from spot B. Notice spot A. That is where you need to take the left turn to ride to the top. Distance between A and B is 1.3 km. So it is better you put spot A GPS Coordinate on the map and follow that.

GPS Coordinates for Spot A: 12°24’59.6″N 77°33’52.9″E

Spot C is the dead-end where you need to park your bike/car.

Scenic route

Here is the video

My suggestions

  • The best time to visit would be early morning. Reach by the Sunrise time to enjoy the Sunrise view.
  • You can go by bike or car. No worries at all.
  • Take this route : Bangalore – Kanakpura – Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple – Anchetty – Denkanikottai – Attibele – Bangalore. You will love the route.
  • Sunset view would be mesmerizing too. But for the safer side I won’t recommend to stay on the hill top till Sunset. Coming down in dark may not be safe. And riding back via Kanakpura Road or via Anchetty route would be difficult.
  • Mobile network does not work properly.
  • Go with friends. Going alone is a bit risky. At least I cannot think of going there alone.
  • Carry snacks and water as you won’t find any shop nearby.
  • Be aware of monkeys.
  • Keep the place clean. Do not litter.

Hope this article helped you to find this place. If you need any help, just comment below. Bangalore Bikers love to help riders out there to find new places.

Ride Safe, Ride Long! 


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