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N. I. John
N. I. John

Nettegere or Ravugodlu Village. A Destination for off-road lovers on Kanakpura road. 35 km from Bangalore

So we are a biker now. We know to balance our two wheels which most of us learnt in our childhood with bicycles. But do we really know to balance well? We need to ask ourselves and seek the answer.

Most of us often love to go for long rides. Explore new places. Go to those must-visit places when on a tour. Did you not experience that, most of the awesome places are hidden and there are off-roads to reach there? If any destination has easy access then it will be overcrowded. No fun to visit such places. We often prefer to take ourselves to a place that is less known. If you are one of such riders, then you must make yourself comfortable with off-road riding. Because all the less known places are hidden and there are off-roads to reach there. That’s where you know your limit and you get the opportunity to make yourself a better rider. Riding to such off-road destinations will help you to overcome the fear you have about off-road. On a good road, even a baby can ride. We are not a baby anymore. Are we?

So let’s ride to this place.

We are really fortunate that we have so many offbeat locations in and around Bangalore. I just love to find and introduce them to you so that you can enjoy your biking life. Stick around with the Bangalore Bikers Website and you will get to know many such offbeat destinations to ride to.

Off-road trail

Nettegere or Ravugodlu Village. 30 km away from Bangalore. This village has many hills surrounded by. One of the hills is a quarry. Stone has been extracted from this hill for many years. Back in 2006 or 2007, I and my friend went out with our bikes to find some unknown places around Kanakpura road. We did not have smartphones ready with google map then. We took some unknown turn to get inside villages. Then we noticed a lorry on the hill far away. We looked at each other and said if a lorry can reach there so can our bikes. And that’s how we found this stunning off-road destination for bikers. Since then I have been visiting this place very often. At least ten times I had been there by now. The recent visit was on 1st January 2020.

Some of us on the hilltop.
Some of us on the hilltop.

Once you reach the hilltop, the surrounding view will make sure you don’t feel to come back. A wonderful place for the wanderer to witness the mesmerizing Sunrise and Sunset view. Most of the time I had been there during Sunset time. It feels so good to be there and witness the magical moment of the day.

The view from top
Sunset view
Sunset view

If you are new to off-road, I will recommend you to go with your friends and try out. A couple of spots are a bit tricky but you can easily do it. Before the off-road starts, there is a shop, you can buy snacks and water from there.

How to reach there?

It’s just 30 km from Bangalore and you can easily reach there by following google map and my direction. There is a temple called Gundānjeneya Swamy Temple. Search by this name on google map. Keep the temple on your left and start riding on that rocky terrain. Take right next to the banyan tree. Follow the trail. You will see the quarry on your right. You need to reach the top of that hill. See below map and the video.

Google map earth view. Off-road trail is marked with red line.

Watch below videos

My suggestions

  • Do not go alone if you are new to off-road.
  • Sunrise and Sunset both views are awesome.
  • Carry the basic toolkit of your bike.
  • Carry a tubeless tyre puncture kit whenever you go out riding.
  • Keep a first-aid kit in your bag.
  • Don’t be scared, if you think it is too difficult for you to ride on that trail, park the bike aside and trek up. You still can enjoy the nature view. I would say, do not give up. If you are going with a group then group members can help you to cross the difficult trail.
  • For off-road lovers, this is a must-visit place.
  • No problem with the mobile network. So tag @BangaloreBikers for social media posts.
  • Keep the place clean. Do not litter.

Hope this article helped you to find this place. If you need any help, just comment below. Bangalore Bikers love to help riders out there to find new places.

Ride Safe, Ride Long! 


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1 year ago

sir is this place still open for visiting? I want to take my brand new xpulse on an short offroading trip

Reply to  N. I. John
1 year ago

We visited this place the day before.. it’s still open.. and we were the only people doing this daredevil climb.. the place is breathtaking, while the road challenging at some points. Thanks a lot for this exploration and sharing it with the world