Bangalore Bikers

Tips For The Monsoon Rain Ride

Patience is the key which keeps a rider safe on the road. Monsoon has come and it’s time for us to remind ourselves about how to ride in the rain and keep ourselves safe. In this article I will mention some of the tips from my experience about riding in the monsoon which will help […]

What kind of a biker are you? Let’s find out

Before you become a biker, become a good human being. So we love motorcycles and we love riding. Let’s understand the motorcycling scene around us. There are six categories in biking activity as per my observation. 1. Long Distance Riding. Riders in this category prefer long-distance riding only. 2 or 3 days road trip does […]

How to Prepare for Leh Ladakh / Spiti / High Altitude Rides

Leh, Ladakh, Spiti… the Himalayan ranges. Gives goosebumps to just think of riding among those mountains, capturing breathtaking vistas on your cameras, living your dream ride! Months, and sometimes years go by while planning for this ride 🙂 And yet, if one is not prepared for this ride properly, the very journey can become a […]