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N. I. John

Bikanapalli Falls. Must Visit Place. 70 km from Bangalore

The best places are always hidden. Go find them.

In this article, I will tell you about one of such hidden places located just 70 km from Bangalore. It is called Bikanafalli falls. The same place is also known as Thenpennai Murugan Kovil Falls. But the name “Bikanapalli falls” has gained popularity. You can search on google map with any of the names and you will find the place. But, reaching the right spot of this Bikanapalli falls is a bit tricky. I have been to this place more than five times now and I love this place. I will help you to find the exact spot. Read on…

Talking about waterfalls, remembering one of my favorite quotes from a Turkish writer Mehmet Murat İldan.

There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you.

Waterfalls are always a tourist attraction. Be it a popular one or a hidden one, be it a bit dry or full of water, travelers always enjoy waterfalls. They often stop by or make a destination to travel to.

Bikanapalli Falls

First time when I heard about this place, I was happy that it was easily available on google map and we can simply ride to this place without any tension. So Me, my wife Monica and my friend Prasanna rode to this place. We took the route google map suggested. Banglaore – Hosur – Shoolagiri – Bikanapalli falls. After Shoolegiri took right turn below the flyover and the road condition was not that good. Tiny single lane road with potholes. The last 1 km was off-road. Not a very difficult one but just muddy trail leading to a small village. Google map guided us till a villager’s home.

We parked our bike there and the house owner guided us to reach the waterfalls. There was a trail behind their house. We had to walk through paddy fields for about a half km. After reaching the spot, my first impression was, it’s a nice place to sit idle for sometimes with your close one. Definitely not a place for large group. Whenever I go, whatever place I discover, I always think of Bangalore Bikers and how I can take my BB brothers/sisters to this place. The other thing running in my head was our bikes, we as a biker often feel uncomfortable to leave the bikes far away.

Anyways, I noticed a temple other side of the falls but was not finding a way to reach there. I was pretty sure that, there will be a way for people to reach that temple. And then noticed a bike parked far away from the waterfalls, that made me curious to explore the other side of the falls where we can take our bike next to water. And that’s how I explored around this place and took our BB riders there. We did host two welcome rides already at this Bikanapalli falls.

Watch below videos which will give you clear idea about this place.

First time when I visited this place.

Second time when I explored the other side of the falls.

Third and fourth time when we hosted BB Welcome Ride there.

How to reach Bikanapalli Falls?

You can simply search for “Bikanapalli Falls” on google map and you will find this place. But please note, this will take you to someone’s home where you need to park and walk about half km to reach the spot. Idle for 3 or 4 people in a group. The last off-road part is not for cars.

I will recommend you to visit other side of the falls where you can take your bike near the water. But there is off-road involved. It would be roughly about 3 to 4 km off-road. For a new rider it might be a bit difficult but I would say why you don’t give it a try. Again, this route is not for cars.

Please see the below map, I have marked the spot, till that spot you can follow the map, and after that google map does not show the route. You need to take a left turn there and follow the trail. Off-road starts from there. Reach there via Rayakottai route. From Rayakottai this spot is about 9 km.

The GPS coordinates: 12°33’32.7″N 78°04’01.5″E

My suggestions

  • The best time to visit would be early morning. Water depends on the seasons. Recently there was almost no water. And the water is very dirty there. During or Post monsoon this place should look beautiful.
  • Go by bike. Do not take car.
  • Couples, do not stay there after Sunset. It may not be safe.
  • Mobile network doesn’t work properly so plan your trip accordingly.
  • Keep the place clean. Do not litter.
Scenic route via Rayakottai to Bikanapalli Falls

Hope this article helped you to find this place. If you need any help, just comment below. Bangalore Bikers love to help riders out there to find new places.

Ride Safe, Ride Long! 


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Gautham Kumar
Gautham Kumar
1 year ago

Can I join your group. I am a biker.